In the past few months, we have shamelessly taken advantage of the good will and sense of humor of our CECAM friends to record a collection of short videos. In each video, the same three questions were asked from our wonderful – though perhaps not always perfect — team of filmmakers[1] :

How has CECAM impacted your scientific career?

What do you value most in CECAM?

What is your wish for CECAM on its 50th birthday?

Thank you again to all who have accepted to replay!

We present here a “rough cut” of these videos feeling that this conference is too good an opportunity not to show you all a preview of a more refined video that will soon appear on our website. We also hope to inspire more of you to record similar videos during the conference (just come and ask one of the organizers how you can do it!).

We are confident – well … very hopeful – that our first cohort of stars will not mind being showcased in this rough cut. We trust that you are serious enough scientists not to take yourself too seriously. Should we be mistaken, our apologies and please accept the liberty we have taken as a testimony of the characteristically informal CECAM style and of our confidence in the strength of our community bond!

[1] The team was recruited with only minimal coercion among staff and students.